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I have been working as a graphic designer and product designer/developer for over 10 years. Whilst based in the Argyll area, I also work with clients all over the UK and from around the world including Europe, Hong Kong and China.


In addition to graphic design and product design / development, I create graphic elements and incorporate them into and onto the products, for print or embroidery, rubber badge, brass stud-popper or leather decal for a variety of items such as rucksacks and bags, tents, sleeping bags, lighting, accessories and apparel.


As well as the physical product design, I have extensive knowledge in graphic design which includes packaging, as well as branding, corporate I.D., marketing and website design. This covers a whole host of products such as business cards, flyers, posters, logo design etc.


Bring your vision or product to life from a sketch, idea or a fully planned product range.

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